Sunday, July 12, 2009

NC10 MAC OS X 10.5.7 - External Wi-Fi Works!!!

1. Download MSIWindosx86.iso (Google search)
2. Download 10.5.7 Combo update (
3. Buy for $10.99
4. Download Realtek driver version 1309 (
5. Download keyboard and touchpad drivers (
6. Download other Drivers (
7. Install MSIWindosx86
8. Install OS X 10.5.7 combo update and before you restart, install VoodooPS2Controller driver
9. After restart, Install Samsung_NC10_10.5.7_Post_Update_Patches
10. Connect your USB and then Install the wifi driver

Everything except internal mic, internal ethernet, internal wifi will work

Note: You can play with few other drivers from this site - if wrongly installed, it'll crash your OS


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